2021, Bremen 

Type: Maxi Round Mono Dinamo

Utopian visions emerge from critique of the present situation and blossom into the imagination of a better world that can be expressed in many forms: not just fictions, but also critical theories, technological applications, artworks, architecture and design, social experiments, and activism.

The symposium invites guests (theorists, artists, and educators) to reverse entrenched ways of being-in-the-world and imagine or critically engage with utopian alternatives to anthropocentrism. Consolidated by certain political, cultural, social, and technological hegemonies, anthropocentrism is the sense of universal entitlement and privilege inherent in a specific image of the human. Together we will reflect on the human subject increasingly destabilized by digital media technologies, the challenge to its purported human exceptionalism among the species, and scrutiny of the social relations of power in which it is embedded.

How can a broad understanding of posthuman futures be achieved? Is it possible for humans to genuinely step out of a human perspective? How can critique transition into utopian visions without simply inheriting the “subject perspective” from the hegemonic discourses? What are the possibilities and limits for co-evolving and co-existing with non-human and artificial/technological beings, and for co-creating the future conditions of our planet?


Lecture Series 


2020/2021, Bremen 

Type: Ascentis Emily Jing Sum Chan

For this lecture series we have invited scholars and artists who will talk about the critical work of anti-racist and queer-feminist futurisms with regards to their own artistic practice, research, and writing.

Who envisions the future? Common imaginations of the world to come tend to mirror ideologies that leave social power structures untouched, with disastrous and devastating consequences for those oppressed by the utopias of the privileged. Especially in the face of wide-spread insurgence of rightwing politics, ongoing structures of systemic racism, social inequality, and environmental injustice, the imminent future feels distinctly dystopian. Perhaps more than ever, the state of the world calls for alternative models. Combining speculative fiction and activism, afrofuturist and queer-feminist discourses give agency to those who dare to dream, make unthinkable futures thinkable, encourage critical reflexivity, drive social and political progress, and influence the way we problematize and contextualize our past, present, and future.


Group Exhibition 

Screen Print, Light Installation

2020, Cologne

with Joseph Strauch & Johannes Mechler

morph+distort was a one-night exhibition that explored visualizations of planetary solidarity along the blurred line between the outer-world and the inner-world. We used a combination of photography, print and projections that we generated, overlapped, reused, altered, translated in multiple sessions over the winter of 2019. The aesthetics result from an abstraction of being entangled, hybrid, queer, connected.


Group Exhibition / Urban Intervention

2019, Düsseldorf

WE ARE HERE was a group exhibition initiated by M05K, including 40 murals by 20 local and international urban artists, who have appropriated the railroad area next to the S-Bahn station Wehrhahn, Düsseldorf as their exhibition space. The painted round arches of the railroad bridge become a gallery of contemporary urban art, transforming the otherwise closed and hardly visible non-place, thus questioning ownership and interpretation of the city's public open space. Artistic practice is the visible evidence of an invisible agency that is open to change, addresses public affairs and has the capacity to open up new urban territories and communities. By distorting processes, systems, and surfaces, it creates disorder and resists top-down planning activities. Its traces in public space are like recordings of seismic waves of urban life. We are here not to act in secret, to be visible and to explore new urban space as a space of possibility.


Group Exhibition / Urban Intervention

2019, Düsseldorf

BILLPOSTING was a group exhibition as well as urban intervention addressing overpriced rent, crowding out, and profit orientation at the expense of common, living, and public spaces for citizens. More than 30 local artists designed over 250 poster that were exhibited in an industrial building turned into a gallery. After the event all posters were distributed in the city.



Düsseldorf, 2016-2019

Foto: Deniz Weber, Ludovic Schuld

ROOOOOM e.V. is an interdisciplinary project somewhere between a gallery, studio, office, radio, and workshop. In total there are five different »rooms« within the location. 

We promote cultural diversity of the creative scene. We are a hub for political debate, applied art, and design. There is free admission to exhibition openings and other events. We also keep workshops and other offers affordable. ROOOOOM is a dialogue between subcultures, scenes and social groups. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops and live radio events invite exchange and networking. Our green backyard is a meeting point for all those who are interested in subculture and art.