what: ROOOOOM – www.rooooom.de


when/where: Düsseldorf, 2016-2019

who: Video: Martin Mayntz

Foto: Deniz Weber, Ludovic Schuld

ROOOOOM e.V. is an interdisciplinary project somewhere between a gallery, studio, office, radio, and workshop.

In total there are five different usable rooms within the location, which covers a total of 220 square meters. For one year the gallery was run by eight people under the name Punktkommastrich with at least two exhibitions per month. With a new concept, the other rooms became accessible to the public. 

We promote cultural diversity of the creative scene. We are a hub for political debate, applied art, and design for a diverse audience and are open to all everyone who is interested. There is free admission to exhibition openings and other events. We also keep workshops and other offers affordable.

ROOOOOM sees itself as a contribution to dialogue between subcultures, scenes and social groups. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops and live radio events should invite exchange and networking. Our green backyard is a meeting point for all those who are interested in subculture and art.

what: wepaintthings – www.olgamosk.de urban artist duo

when/where: anywhere

who: olga + M.0.5.K.